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School Location and Facilities

Temple Rome is housed in the Villa Caproni, a handsome building facing the Tiber River in the heart of Rome. Just north of Piazza del Popolo and within short walking distance of the Spanish Steps and the Borghese Gardens, the Villa Caproni is convenient to living accommodations and great for exploring many areas of the city, especially the historic center. 

The Villa serves as the hub of all program activity, with classroom space, professional visual arts studios, a computer lab and wireless Internet system, students lounges, an art gallery, and the library, which is one of the largest English libraries in Rome. As you walk in, you will also find the offices of our dedicated administration and staff, most of whom have been working with Temple Rome students for many years.

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Why Rome?

Historically, Rome has few peers. Discover the possibilities of Rome -- a living museum, business center, and hub of Mediterranean culture. Rome offers the greatest co-mingling of the historic and the modern, where you will walk the streets of an ancient capital that has transformed through the centuries into a vibrant and magical contemporary city.

After you've visited all of the major tourist sites on your list, you will no doubt want to explore the local areas that most tourists never see. Rome is a city with many unique neighborhoods, making it fun to discover your favorite spots, those that will make you feel like you really have made Rome your home.

Student Perspectives

“Rome became a new home for me. New places to explore, new people to meet. It is easy to feel welcomed in this city...The location of Temple Rome’s campus is so close to the historic center of Rome. I would take a short walk and find myself immersed in centuries of history. I would consistently be in a state of wonder and awe.” Isabella Abiuso, Spring Blogger