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Make the Most of Your Experience

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When you study abroad, there will be lots of new and exciting experiences, and the time will go by faster than you expect! Here are some tips from past participants for making the most of your time while you’re studying abroad:

Learn the language of your host country

Making an attempt to learn at least the basics of your host country’s language will make it easier to communicate, and you'll feel more welcome. You'll also learn more about the culture and daily life of your new community.

Try the local cuisine

Food is a central part of many cultures, so trying new things can help you understand the country in which you’re living. Be adventurous and eat authentic local dishes!

Engage with your new community

Actively engaging in your new community will provide you with a more immersive experience:

  • Get to know the members of your community—in marketplaces, cafes, and other cultural sites. Residents can give you a better understanding of everyday life in your host country, offer travel advice, and help you practice your language skills.
  • Participate in community events, join a sporting club, volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or take dance classes. You might choose to get involved in activities you normally enjoy at home or try something new!

Be creative!

Send us photos, blog entries, short stories, and other artwork inspired by your experiences abroad—we’re always looking for quality student work to showcase on our website. Visit our returned students section for more details on how to share your experiences.