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Q&A with Temple Japan's new associate dean

Global Temple Conference

Tue, November 20, 2018
George Miller poses in Sankaku Chitai, a lively restaurant and entertainment district in Sangenjaya district of Tokyo near Temple Japan. Courtesy / Colin Kerrigan
Temple Japan recently welcomed a new associate dean for academic affairs/chief academic officer, George Miller. A former journalism professor and assistant chair of the journalism department at Temple University, George shared his thoughts on his new role at Temple Japan and life in Tokyo.

What do you enjoy most about working at Temple Japan so far? 

The faculty, staff and students are truly international. It's a pretty amazing place. You hear accents and languages from around the world every day. Oh, and Tokyo is an incredible place. There is so much to do and see. I explore constantly (when I'm not working!).
Why do you think students considering studying abroad should choose Temple Japan?
Students will graduate from college and enter the job market, and they'll be lucky to get a week or two of vacation per year. They'll use their time off to visit family for the holidays or go to the shore or something like that. But they may never again in their life have the opportunity to live in a foreign land. And when you study abroad - in Rome, London, Tokyo or anywhere else, you live like a local. You find a place to buy groceries, do laundry, grab a pint, whatever. You commute to school and/or internships and you exist amongst the actual people who live in those worlds. It's an incredible experience. So, study away somewhere, anywhere.
Why Temple Japan? 
Holy cow. Japan is a beautiful, and the most vibrant place I've ever seen. There are people out and about all the time. There is always something to do. 
And the education you get here is not only top notch but it is all Temple. That means you continue your academic career without skipping a beat. You can satisfy your requirements for graduation. It's all so simple.
What drew you to live and work in Tokyo and leave your life (at least for a little while) in Philadelphia?
I have family in Kyushu, so I've been coming to Japan all my life. I love it here. 
This is the perfect place for me: I get to come home to my family, without leaving my home - Temple University.
What is your favorite thing to do in Tokyo when you're not working?
I ride my bike around the city. It's the best way to see the place. I explore everywhere without getting stuck in traffic and without having to wait for mass transit.  And I joined a baseball team.