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Education Abroad Culture and Identity Envoy Program

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Wed, December 20, 2023

Temple Rome Culture and Identity Envoy Program: Spring 2023

Temple Rome and Education Abroad are looking for two or three Temple Rome study abroad students for the Culture & Identity Envoy Program. Selected students will receive a total of $800 distributed over four pay periods upon completion of program requirements.

Read the detailed description of the program and its requirements in your study abroad portal.

Questions should be directed to Benedicta Djumpah, Temple Rome Envoy coordinator: b.djumpah@temple.edu

The deadline to apply is January 4, 2023.




1 Start 2 Preview 3 Complete
We encourage both Temple and Non-Temple students to apply.
If you are a non-Temple student, please enter the name of your home university or college.
Enter a number where you can be reached if we need to contact you regarding your application.
In a short essay, please tell us about yourself. Make sure to answer the following questions: - Why are you applying for this program? - What unique perspective will you offer? - What would you like to learn or explore about your identity while in Rome/Italy?
Briefly describe a time that you learned something about your own identity or the identity of others when in a new setting.
Keeping your unique perspective in mind, you will reflect throughout the semester on the cultural immersion experiences, discussions, and your encounters with the city as they relate to your questions about identity, while the final project should offer a reflection on the experience as a whole. Remember that you should consider your project as both an opportunity for you to learn and reflect upon the program questions and as a resource for future students. Reflection posts and final projects can take the form of blogs, videos, art pieces, or another creative direction! Briefly describe how you would approach your reflection posts and final project, including what medium you would use and how your work could serve as a resource for other students.
Provide an example of the kind of work you plan to create for your reflection posts. You can paste a writing sample or provide a link to an image, video, etc.
Please copy and paste your resume below.