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Foreign university study/direct enroll

If you are an independent student looking for a fully immersive study abroad experience, then enrolling into a foreign institution could be a great option for you. When you enroll into a foreign institution, through an exchange program, a study abroad program provider, or directly with the institution, you can choose from a wide variety of courses across the university and typically take classes with local students. Students who take this option are expected to adapt to what is often a more self-directed educational system and quite unlike U.S. universities, so this is a great opportunity for full cultural integration and immersion.

Study center/island program

These programs are located in study centers or institutes. They are run by study abroad program providers or U.S. institutions, so courses are more likely similar to courses in the U.S.  You will often choose courses from a set selection, and you will attend classes with other study abroad students.  Previous study of the host country language is often not required. Because you will be in class with and perhaps living with other study abroad students, you may need to take more initiative to integrate with the host culture.

Hybrid/combined option

These programs allow students to take one or two courses at a study center along with one or two courses at a host university.  This is a great choice for students looking for aspects of both study center programs and foreign university study.

Comparison chart of program types

Use this chart to determine the type of program that is best for you.


Foreign university/direct enroll

Study center/island program

Hybrid/combined option

Student body

Mainly students from the host country

Study abroad students only

Some classes with study abroad students and others with students from the host country

Application process

Enroll directly into a foreign institution or through U.S. study abroad program provider

Apply to a U.S. study abroad program provider

Apply to a U.S. study abroad program provider


Courses follow educational style of host country; choose from a wide variety of courses across the university

Likely similar to U.S. courses; students often choose from set selection

Choose from a variety of courses offered by host university and set courses from study abroad program provider

Best for students who…

are independent, looking for full immersion in all aspects of their experience

are most comfortable experiencing their host country with other study abroad students

are looking for a combination of both types of programs