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Program Status and Waitlist Information

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Students are encouraged to apply early for Temple study abroad programs, as applications for most* programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, and space on some programs is limited. Temple Rome additionally has capacity limits for specific Program Tracks. Once a program (or Program Track) fills, qualified applicants may be placed on a waitlist, or, depending on the term, offered a spot on a second choice Temple program. Students are typically notified of an admission or waitlist decision within two business weeks of submitting a completed application. Use the chart below to check on the capacity status of upcoming Temple programs.   

*Temple Exchanges and Architecture programs in Rome and Japan are reviewed after the deadline (not rolling admissions)




Temple Rome and Temple in Spain programs are operating this spring, and Temple students are participating in select exchange and external programs. Follow student experiences on our blog!

2022-2023 Applications

Applications are open for Summer 2022 and some 2022-23 Academic Year, Fall and Spring programs. See below for details.

Program Status

Program Status
Sample e.g. accepting; nearing capacity as of DATE; or waitlisted as of DATE
Temple Summer Programs: Summer 2022
Temple Japan Summer suspended due to border restrictions
Temple Rome Undergraduate Summer deadline passed
Global Good: Prague program confirmed
France: French Language at the Sorbonne program confirmed
Germany (Berlin): European Center of Culture, Politics, and History canceled due to low enrollment
Germany (Leipzig): Intensive German Language program confirmed
Italy: Excavation of the Roman Villa in Artena program confirmed
Italy: Sicily Applied Biotechnology canceled due to low enrollment
Italy: Venice Biennale canceled due to low enrollment
Spain: Oviedo Summer Session program confirmed
UK: London and Glasgow: The City in British Culture program confirmed
Temple Semester Programs: Semester / Academic Year 2022-23
Temple Japan Fall / Academic Year deadline passed
Temple Japan Spring accepting
Temple in Spain Semester accepting
Temple Rome Fall / Academic Year deadline passed
Temple Rome Spring  accepting
Temple Approved External Programs: Semester and Academic Year 2022-23  
Fall Temple Approved External Programs deadline passed for COVID-19 portfolio programs
Spring Temple Approved External Programs accepting
Temple Exchange Programs: Semester and Academic Year 2022-23

Exchange Program applications are reviewed together after the term deadline (not rolling admissions). Exchange Programs accepting late applications will be listed below. 

Temple Fall Exchange Programs  
             Griffith University           deadline passed
             Hong Kong Baptist University           deadline passed
             Lancaster University           deadline passed
             University of East Anglia           deadline passed
             Sciences Po Lyon           deadline passed
             University of Hamburg           deadline passed
             University of Tubingen           deadline passed
             Ben-Gurion University of the Negev           deadline passed
             Ewha Womans University           deadline passed
             Hankuk University of Foreign Studies           deadline passed
             Hanyang University           deadline passed
             Sogang University           deadline passed
             Yonsei University           deadline passed
             University of Oviedo           deadline passed
             National Taiwan University           deadline passed
Temple Spring Exchange Programs  
             Griffith University           accepting
             Hong Kong Baptist University           accepting
             Lancaster University           accepting
             University of East Anglia           accepting
             Sciences Po Lyon           accepting
             University of Hamburg           accepting
             University of Tubingen           accepting
             Ben-Gurion University of the Negev           accepting
             Ewha Womans University           accepting
             Hankuk University of Foreign Studies           accepting
             Hanyang University           accepting
             Sogang University           accepting
             Yonsei University           accepting
             University of Oviedo           accepting
             National Taiwan University           accepting