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Global Korea Scholarship for Foreign Exchange Students (Korean government)

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This scholarship program is organized to provide continual opportunities for international exchange students to study in Korea and delve into Korean culture. Any international student with academic merit is eligible to apply for this scholarship program, and will be required to take at least one course on Korean language or culture during their semester abroad. 

The Government will select the top-qualified students within the given number of slots for each year.

Application Procedures

a. Exchange students should submit their exchange application packets before the deadline. 

b. The universities will screen & evaluate all applications received.

c. The universities will reach out to eligible students encouraging them to apply for the scholarship by completing an essay and application form.

d. The application forms and essays will be forwarded to the Korean government.

d. Final scholarship winners will be announced shortly before departure and will be notified by their host university.

Scholarship Benefits

-  Airfare reimbursement (round-trip) 
-  Monthly stipend of KRW 500,000 (for 3 months) 
-  Settlement allowance of KRW 200,000 for the first month (one-off payment) 
-  Medical insurance

Eligibility Requirements: 

-  Students should be officially nominated by the international partner university (in this case, Temple University).  
-  Students should take at least one regular semester course related to Korea during the exchange program.   
-  Students are required to provide evidence (academic transcript) of grade point averages over 3.0 out of 4.0.
-  Current exchange students (those currently studying on an exchange program) are not eligible to apply for this program. 
-  Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.



Select students will be invited to apply by the host university approximately one month before departure.

Level (undergrad/grad):