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Applicants for any standard IES program will receive an automatic $2,000 credit toward all IES Abroad semester and academic year/calendar year programs, which will be noted on your IES Abroad invoice. Students do not have to fill out an additional application for the grant. The grant is automatic for all eligible students that accept and attend an approved IES program. 

Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Attend a public college or university that is a Member or Associate member of the IES Abroad Consortium.
  • You must be accepted to and attend an IES Abroad program authorized by your home school in order to receive one of these scholarships.
  • Standard programs only. Customized programs are not eligible for IES Abroad financial aid.
  • No additional application necessary.

*Summer programs, customized programs and full-time semester internship programs are not eligible for the Public University Grant. Academic Year and Calendar Year programs will have the Public University Grant applied to the first term only.


Vary, check website to confirm deadlines

Affiliated Programs: