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Wondering whether or not you can use your Temple Academic Scholarship for study abroad? Here are the guidelines.

If you are a President’s, Provost’s or Deans’ Scholar, or you are receiving a Founder’s or University Scholarship, your Academic Scholarship:

  • Can be applied for participation in fall and/or spring study abroad programs as follows:
    • Temple study abroad programs: Academic Scholarship applies in full amount
    • Approved external study abroad programs: Academic Scholarship applies up to the awarded scholarship amount. The actual amount transferred is determined by the host institution’s tuition reported on the Consortium agreement and cannot exceed said tuition.  If the reported tuition is less than the awarded scholarship amount only the amount reported as tuition will be transferred.
  • Cannot be used for summer or other short-term study abroad programs; however, if you are receiving one or more Educational Enhancement Stipends, your stipend(s):
    • Can be applied to a Temple or approved external summer study abroad program, as long as the program is a minimum of 28 days in country and awards a minimum of 3 academic credits.

Other Considerations

  • All students who plan to study abroad are encouraged to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if they intend to apply for other study abroad scholarships, as many scholarships require evidence of financial need, determined via FAFSA, to be eligible. The priority deadline for filing a FAFSA is March 1st for the following academic year. Visit Student Financial Services for details.
  • If you plan to participate in an approved external study abroad program, you must complete Temple’s approval process. In order for any financial aid to be transferred to an approved external program, you must also complete a Consortium Agreement, which is the final step in the approval process.
Eligibility Requirements: 

Must be a recipient of the scholarships listed above. For more information on Temple University academic scholarships, visit the TU Admissions website.

Level (undergrad/grad):