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Arcadia University College of Global Studies

Building on over 60 years of study  abroad experience, Arcadia University College of Global Studies offers over 140 programs in 23 countries. In addition to study abroad, The College of Global Studies offers academic certificates, research opportunities, overseas internships, service learning, cohort programs and other innovative programs, toward the goal of advancing leadership and learning in global education.

External Study Abroad Approval Process

Students participating with an External Program are required to complete Temple's External Programs approval process.  Completion of the approval process allows students to maintain full-time enrollment status, apply eligible financial aid and transfer credits earned abroad back to Temple. 

Request to Study Abroad

To request approval to study abroad with Arcadia University, please search our featured Arcadia Semester Programs by clicking the button below. Once you have selected a featured program, click the “apply now” button and complete the Request to Study Abroad. Your request will be reviewed to ensure that the program is an appropriate fit and that you meet the general eligibility requirements for study abroad.  Once your request has been processed, you will be informed of the decision via an email to your Temple email account.  Requests to study abroad must be received on or before the application deadline




Please note, Education Abroad strongly encourages students to consider these featured semester program options prior to exploring other possibilities as these programs have been selected to accommodate most students’ academic needs and geographic interests.

Students interested in applying to a summer or non-featured Arcadia semester program, can apply here

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