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Oviedo, Spain

Fall Academic Program

Global Temple Conference

Business, Computer Science, Liberal Arts, and Spanish

The Temple in Spain fall semester offers the option to take English-taught courses alongside local degree-seeking students at the University of Oviedo, while beginning or improving your Spanish language skills. Your English-taught courses will be offered by University of Oviedo faculty in their degree programs, while Spanish courses will be taught by Temple Program Director Jaime Duran, as well as faculty in the La Casa de las Lenguas, the university’s Spanish language center. The fall semester is ideal for students who have completed one or two semesters of Spanish, but it is open to students at any language level.

You will take a full course load of 4-5 classes, including Spanish language as well as other degree requirements, for 12-18 credits. Students proficient in Spanish may be eligible take courses in additional subject areas.

  • Fall course roster:
    • Spanish 0837 | Eating Cultures (3 Credit Hours) – taught by Program Director Jaime Duran
    • Spanish language
    • 2-3 additional courses taught in English at the University of Oviedo

Course Offerings

Course offerings at the University of Oviedo may differ from what is listed below. Education Abroad will work with accepted students to confirm course availability and schedules, and participants will register for courses once on-site.


Business Administration 3580 Special Topics (3 Credit Hours).

Economics 1102 Microeconomic Principles (3 Credit Hours)
Economics 3501 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (3 Credit Hours)
Economics 3532 Economic History of the United States (3 Credit Hours)
Note: Econ 1102 is a prerequisite for Econ 3501 and Econ 3532 and cannot be taken concurrently in the same term.  

Finance 3515 Financial Markets and Institutions for Business (3 Credit Hours)

Legal Studies 3524 Legal and Policy Issues in the Workplace (3 Credit Hours)

Marketing 2101 Marketing Management (3 Credit Hours)

Management Science/Operations Management 3101 Operations Management (3 Credit Hours)


CIS 1051 Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python (4 Credit Hours)
CIS 2100 Special Topics in CIS (3 Credit Hours)
CIS 2168 Data Structures (4 Credit Hours)
CIS 3100 Special Topics in CIS (3 Credit Hours)
CIS 3603 User Experience Design (3 Credit Hours)
CIS 4350 Seminar on Topics in Computer Science (4 Credit Hours)


English 2821 Introduction to Linguistics
English 2501 Introduction to British Writing
English 3822 Semantics
English 2502 Introduction to American Writing
English 2601 Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures


Spanish 0837 Eating Cultures (3 Credit Hours)
This course fulfills the Gen Ed Human Behavior (GB) requirement.

Spanish language courses at multiple levels


Internships available; more information will be shared with accepted students.