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The extensive program of cultural activities at Temple Rome is designed to enhance the academic program and enrich your social and cultural life while in Rome.

To view photo galleries of recent events and to learn more about how Temple Rome connects with the local community, visit the Temple Rome website.

Academic excursions

A Temple Rome education means hands-on, on-site learning no matter your field of study. Many courses meet frequently on site around the city of Rome while some courses also include a 1, 2 or 3-day excursion to another Italian or European city. On any given weekend, you might find yourselves in Lisbon, Portugal with your political science course; at the Venice Biennale with your painting course; or in Sicily with either your sociology or Italian culture and literature course.

Faculty-led excursions are an integral component of many courses and have included:

  • half-day excursions to museums, historic sites and religious institutions in and around Rome
  • day trips to the hill towns of Caprarola, Ostia Antica, Tivoli, Tuscania and Viterbo
  • 2- or 3-day excursions to such cities as Lisbon, Milan, Naples, Sorrento, Berlin, Venice, Trento, and Vienna

Please note that courses with excursions carry a fee to cover travel, accommodation costs, and entrance fees. Please refer the Costs section for course fees. Excursions are subject to change.

Lecture series

Temple Rome sponsors organized discussions and events on contemporary issues in Italy. The lecture series invites political figures, writers, musicians, journalists, artists, and visiting professors to discuss a wide range of contemporary issues.

Cultural offerings

Temple Rome also arranges optional programs each semester that further introduce you to Rome and Italian culture. These may include:

  • the Aurelian “Wall Walk” around the city for a unique look at Rome’s past and present
  • a tour of the University of Rome
  • an evening at the theater
  • round table meetings with young Italians
  • a soccer match at Olympic stadium
  • weekly calcetto (soccer) games against other Temple Rome or local students
  • an introduction to Italian food and wine tasting
  • non-academic excursions led by Temple Rome faculty 
  • opportunities through courses and co-curricular activities to study and engage with Roman university students

Community engagement

Become involved in the local community by volunteering in Rome. Temple Rome has established relationships with soup kitchens, refugee centers, local high schools, and other community organizations. Once in Rome, you may sign up to volunteer according to your availability.

A signature Temple Rome activity is the "Be a Tutor" program at local high schools. Students commit to teaching one hour of English class per week for the semester, and in turn gain insights into Italian language, culture and education first-hand. They also make friends with local students along the way and gain confidence through their leadership and teaching. Developed by Professor Daniela Curioso, the program has expanded to include an “English Help Desk,” where Temple Rome students volunteer two afternoons a week tohelp Italian students who want to practice and improve their English on a one-to-one basis. From the first day of this project, all open slots were fully booked right away, a testament to the success of the project and the relationship between Temple Rome and its partner schools.


Temple Rome Gallery of Art

Events at the Gallery of Art are frequented by the Italian public and have been so successful that Temple Rome has become a part of the Roman art scene. In any given semester, the Temple Rome Gallery of Art sponsors:

  • exhibitions of Italian and American artists working in Italy and other European countries
  • student and faculty shows
  • topical displays, such as exhibitions of works by students from Italy's national academy of fine arts, and Roman street artists

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Student perspectives

“As nervous as I was going into my tutoring position at the local high school in Rome, it was one of the most amazing experiences. It was so special to get the chance to meet and speak with these Italian teens each week and they taught me more about life in Rome than any of my academic classes. I was so proud to see my students grow and get excited about speaking English.” - Nick Brown, Spring 2017