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Rome, Italy

STEM: Biology

Global Temple Conference

Key Features

(Spring Semester Only)

  • 3 courses available in biology (Biostatistics, Contemporary Biology, and General Biochemistry I
  • The general recommended set of courses includes:
    • Two of the following courses: BiostatisticsContemporary Biology and General Biochemistry I. You may choose to take all three if appropriate.
    • Italian language course. Note: Italian 1001: Italian Language I is required if you have not already completed this course or an equivalent introductory college-level Italian language course.
    • 1-2 additional courses. For most Temple students, a GenEd course is recommended if appropriate for your degree plan. Non-Temple students may select a GenEd course if desired or choose an additional course(s) from the other offerings.
  • Site visits to research and clinical facilities and guest lectures

Application notes

Open to Temple and non-Temple students who have completed the pre-requisites