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Rome, Italy

STEM: Engineering

Global Temple Conference

(Spring Semester Only)

From the aqueducts and architecture of Ancient Rome; to the rapid and qualitative advances in technology that allowed Renaissance Rome to become a very productive society, raise standards of living and support the arts; to modern infrastructure developments and challenges, Rome provides an ideal location for studying engineering. The Temple Rome program offers courses integral to your engineering degree in a setting where you will truly appreciate how modern engineering developed and the role of engineering in shaping the world, while also immersing yourself in Italian language and culture.

Key features

  • 3 courses in engineering, designed for fourth-semester mechanical or civil engineering majors, taught by local engineering faculty
    • Engineering 2332 | Engineering Dynamics (3 credits) Spring
    • Engineering 2333 | Mechanics of Solids (3 credits) Spring
    • Engineering 3571 | Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics (3 credits) Spring
  • 1-2 additional courses from a wide range of offerings in other disciplines (Italian 1001 required, if you have not already completed this course or an equivalent introductory college-level Italian language course)
  • Site visits and guest lectures, allowing students to learn first-hand about the challenges and accomplishments of engineering, both historical and contemporary, within Italy

Application notes

Open to Temple and non-Temple students who have completed the pre-requisites.

Student Experience



Created by Salman Alotaibi, Temple University Rome Engineering student, Spring 2017.