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Rome, Italy

Visual Arts

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Rome provides an incomparable location for engaging in visual arts, and Temple Rome offers exceptional facilities, instructors, and resources for art students. The  program is an integral part of the Tyler School of Art BFA and BA degrees, and students enrolled in art programs at other universities are encouraged to apply.

Key features

  • Courses are offered in book structures, digital and darkroom photography, papermaking, printmaking, painting, drawing, and sculpture (figure modeling). 
  • Studio space and specialized equipment are available to students in and outside of scheduled class time.
  • Printmaking equipment is available for work in a variety of media, and materials are non-toxic.
  • Sculpture facilities include equipment for work in a variety of methods and materials, including plaster casting, clay and wax modeling, and concrete fabricating process.
  • The photography area includes a digital lab and a darkroom for developing black and white prints.
  • Each semester, the Temple Rome Gallery of Art showcases work of students, faculty and many outside, contemporary Italian artists.
  • A variety of for-credit internships are available.

See photos of program participants and their work on the Art at Temple University Rome Facebook page

Application notes

  • Applicants interested in studio art courses with pre-requisites must have completed the pre-requisites and have an appropriate background in studio art.
  • All students, regardless of major, are welcome to take introductory visual arts courses.