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Berlin, Germany

Program Description

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Berlin is an exciting destination for students who are interested in studying in Europe. The capital of Germany, the city of Berlin is a unique cultural experience that draws millions of visitors each year. A study abroad program in Berlin is appealing because this location is particularly rich in cultural and historical significance while also being a relatively affordable and student-friendly city. Berlin’s history and culture are unique. As a city reinventing itself as a modern, forward-looking metropolis, it has to also show that it is aware of its past – specifically World War Two, and the division of the city by the Berlin Wall. There is a fascinating conflagration of the past and a vital present, illustrated by a vibrant youth culture, numerous galleries and museums, and one of the world’s great orchestras and concert halls. Berlin finds itself at the political and social center of Europe, and a hub of the discussion surrounding migration and the refugee crisis. It has one of the best public transport systems to be found anywhere.

The program offers an in-depth six-week look at the layers of history, culture, and politics that have formed the city symbolizing the strengths and complexities of modern Europe.

You will take two courses, including one class with a faculty member from Temple University, and a second course in a field of your interest from other approved classes offered at the Freie Universitat in Berlin. Each course generally meets two days a week, with a total of 12 contact hours for the week. This includes classroom time, and experiential learning on-site in Berlin.