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Afro-Brazilian Culture and Popular Brazilian Music

Temple University in Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Popular Brazilian Music provides exceptional educational opportunities for undergraduate students of Africology and African American studies, Latin American studies, Portuguese, Spanish, history, music, dance, art and related disciplines to study Brazilian culture, civilization and music.

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Program dates

Five weeks: early July through mid-August

Language of instruction

English, with non-credit supplemental Portuguese language instruction offered


The program takes place in Salvador, Bahia, a vigorous city of nearly 3,000,000 inhabitants in northeastern Brazil. In Salvador, more than anywhere else in the country, the African influence in Brazilian culture is readily visible in festivals, ceremonies, movement, art and culture.  

Academic program

Students enroll in two courses taught in English, for a total of six credits:

  • Latin American Studies 3801: African Culture in Brazil (3 credits)
    This course is cross-listed; you may alternatively earn credit for Africology and African American Studies 2200: Topics in African American Studies (3 credits), History 3860: Topics in World History (3 credits) or PORT 4000: Special Topics in Portuguese (3 credits). 
  • Latin American Studies 2010: Topics in Latin American Studies I: Popular Music in Brazil (3 credits)​


The program includes supplementary non-credit Portuguese language instruction, cultural workshops, and weekly field trips in and around Salvador, as well as meetings with traditional leaders, community activists, artists and musicians.


Shared apartments


Open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities.

Applying to the program

Application Deadline: February 15

For more information, contact:

  • Program Director Dr. Kenneth Dossar, Intellectual Heritage Program, Temple University, 732 Anderson Hall; 215-204-2847; kenneth.dossar@temple.edu