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Leipzig, Germany

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  • Population of nearly 600,000
  • Center of international trade fairs
  • Seat of the Supreme Court
  • Leading center of libraries, publishing houses and the German book trade
  • Hub of European trade
  • City of music (Bach, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Schumann and Haendel), the arts, and above all, science and learning
  • Founded in 1409, its university is the second oldest in Germany
  • Numerous magnificent historical buildings, now mostly refurbished, include the Old Town Hall, the Old Exchange, the old and new exhibition centers, and the Monument to the Battle of Leipzig
  • Two hours from Berlin, one hour from Dresden and Weimar, and three hours from Prague

Housing and Meals

To take best advantage of the opportunity to improve your German, you are housed with local and/or international students, and not with other program participants, in various university dormitories in Leipzig. You will live in a single room within a suite. Bathrooms and kitchenettes within the suite are shared. Meals can be taken in the university cafeteria, prepared in the kitchenettes in the dorms, or taken in town at restaurants.