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Picture yourself in Dhrangadhra
Picture yourself in Dhrangadhra
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India: Culture, Art and Religion

The Temple University in India summer program, based in the medieval desert town of Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, is intended to investigate Indian civilization through an anthropological study of its religious and artistic traditions, both ancient and contemporary. Upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students may apply.

Program dates

Four weeks: mid-May to mid-June


The program is based in Dhrangadhra, in the western state of Gujarat.

Language of instruction

English, with local English/Gujarati interpreters assisting with field projects

Academic program

  • Course load: Two three-credit courses in Anthropology (Asian Studies credit also offered for undergraduates)
  • Offered at undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Mode of learning is highly experiential and students conduct individual field projects


Visits to local sites such as temples, artist studios and villages allow students to gain first-hand experience of the performative, ritual and creative processes that are underway, as well as the pace and flavor of rural life in India.


The program director, Dr. Jayasinhji Jhala, associate professor of anthropology and director of the Anthropology Media Lab at Temple University, was born in Dhrangadhra.


Housing and four meals a day are arranged in a comfortable private guest house in Dhrangadhra. During trips into villages, appropriate housing will be arranged.


Open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities.

Applying to the program

Application Deadline: February 15

For more information, contact:


Student perspectives

Amanda Pheasant (India, Summer 2014), A survival guide to study abroad in India

Francesca Salden (India, Summer 2014):

"In the summer of 2014 I decided I wanted to study abroad, but I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere conventional. I wanted my study abroad experience to not only push me out of my comfort zone but to leave me feeling culture shocked. As an anthropology major, Temple’s India program just made sense! It allowed me to immerse myself in a culture completely unlike my own and let me structure my own curriculum to work on an independent project. My study abroad experience in Dhrangadra was much more than an academic experience; it was one in which I was able to learn and see how people across the world live and work, a lesson that in some ways shook me to my core. However I did not get to really process these experiences right away. It was after I had returned home that I understood that true value of my time abroad, as it made me see the world that I had returned to from a very different perspective. My study abroad experience deepened my love for culture and passion for its presentation. I used this as a foundation to not only present my work at Temple’s Global Conference but to get accepted into a masters program at Columbia University. Looking back, studying abroad in India was one of the most clarifying experiences of my college career. And although this program may not be for everyone, it will help to push those with an open mind and a creative curiosity to see the world, and themselves, in ways they never imagined."