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Venice Biennale Program

For four weeks, you will live in Venice and experience art, culture and filmmaking through the 58th Biennale. The Venice Biennale is one of the oldest and most significant art biennales in the world. Started at the end of the 19th century, it is the premier showcase for modern and contemporary art. The primary focus of the program will be to utilize this mammoth exhibition as a laboratory for experimental learning. In addition, the program will be supplemented by a series of walking tours of Venice that will provide students with a background of Venetian history and culture from the renaissance to the present-day. Tours will focus on the Ghetto, the architectural history and significance of Venice, and the art of the renaissance through visits to museums, Scuola Grande, Accademia, local churches and cathedrals. Additional visits to specific museums for both contemporary and renaissance collections will be organized and students will also take day trips to the neighboring islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello as well to the neighboring cities of Padua and Trieste. An optional trip to Bologna to attend the annual Cinema Rittrovato Festival (at an additional cost) may be offered. 

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Program dates

Early June through late June

Language of instruction

English. Italian language background is not required.


The city of Venice and the Biennale will serve as the primary site for experiential learning, and housing and fully equipped classroom and gathering space will be arranged for students. Additional day trips will be organized to neighboring historical sites and places of interest in close proximity to Venice.

Academic program

Undergraduate students enroll in the two courses listed below, in English, for a total of seven credit hours.

History of Experimental and Avantgarde Film, Video and Media: (choosing one of the options among the cross-listed courses):

Art History 2660: Topics in International Cinema (4 credit hours) 
Film and Media Arts 3770: Topics in Film Study (4 credits)
Painting, Drawing and Sculpture 2511: Art Matters (3 credits) + Painting, Drawing and Sculpture 4582: Independent Study (1 credit)

Global Art Forms: Toward a Fantasy of Making: (choosing one of the options among the cross-listed courses): 

Art History 2000: Topics in Art History (3 credit hours) 
Film and Media Arts 3680: Foreign Studies in FMA (3 credits)
Painting, Drawing and Sculpture 3596: PDS Seminar (3 credits)

Graduate students will enroll roll in two courses, Art History 8430: Seminar: Problems, Period, Style (3 credits) and Art History 8470: Seminar in Modern Art (3 credits). Graduate students will follow the same curriculum as the two undergraduate classes, will participate int he same activities. However, they will be expected to submit a more extensive final paper and to do additional readings and have one extra meeting a week.


The Venice Biennale is one of the oldest and most significant art biennales in the world. The program utlizes the city of Venice, the Biennale, museum visits and walking tours of Venice to provide students with a background of Venetian hisory and culture from renaissance to present-day.


Dr. Nora M. Alter of Temple University’s Department of Film and Media Arts will direct the program and teach one course, and Dr. Philip Glahn of the Department of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture will teach the second course.



Shared bedroom in basic shared apartment

On a case-by-case basis, graduate students on this program may opt to arrange for their own independent housing but also have the option to stay in program-arranged housing with undergraduate students.


Open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities.

Applying to the program

Application Deadline: February 15

For more information, contact:

• Program Director Dr. Nora M. Alter, Department of Film and Media Arts, Temple University, nalter@temple.edu

• Education Abroad; study.abroad@temple.edu ; 215-204-0720