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Academic Program

Global Temple Conference

  • Focus on international service and community-based learning, diversity, and socio-economic development; open to undergraduate and graduate students
  • You will take one integrated, interdisciplinary course and engage in a service/community-based project with a local partner organization in one of the following general areas:
    • primary and secondary education (in-school and out-of-school supports for students, teachers, guidance, and special projects)
    • alternative schooling for pregnant teens (tutoring, counseling, special activities, outreach)
    • Rural Agricultural Development Authority (support/education for farmers; develop education and outreach materials)
    • public health (nutrition, sex education, STD prevention)
    • other opportunities are possible, as the goal is to match student interests/major fields of study to the needs and interests of community partners
  • Field projects vary depending on the needs of community-based partner organizations as well as your interests and skills; previous students have chosen to focus on topics such as:
    • masculinity and femininity in cross-cultural context
    • resilience in teen mothers
    • creative writing and personal development
    • alternative energy and climate change
    • organizational development for schools and farmer cooperatives
    • food security
    • programs to address conflict, violence and positive discipline in schools
    • in-school hygiene
    • nutrition education and healthy alternatives for school-lunch programs
    • renewable energy and STEM education
    • advocating peace through music
    • art education
    • classroom management
  • You will also have the opportunity for in-depth study that focuses on issues that arise from your integrated learning experience.
  • Students meet as a group four afternoons a week and spend an average of three days a week in the field.
  • The community-based service-learning experiences are arranged by Director and other consultants, as needed.


Students enroll in one course, Service Learning, for a total of three credits hours.

Service Learning
Undergraduates enroll in Education 2224: Service Learning (3 credits), Social Work 4000: Special Topics in Social Work (3 credits) or Sociology 2130: Selected Topics (3 credits)
Graduate students enroll in Urban Education 5515: Service Learning and Community Development (3 credits)

If you have any questions about the academic program, or would like to request syllabi for courses, please contact our Program Manager.

Temple students who successfully complete (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in an approved summer or semester study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28-days will satisfy the World Society (GG) requirement.