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Ewha Womans University was established in 1886 as the first modern educational institute for Korean women. It is located in the historical center of the city, the capital of South Korea, a huge modern metropolis.

Ewha Womans University is situated in the exciting Shinchon area of Seoul, about 10 minutes by subway or bus from downtown Seoul. Ewha is located in a student-orientated area of the city with Yonsei, Sogang, Hongik, and Kyunggi Universities located nearby. The area near the front gate of Ewha contains one of the most densely-concentrated shopping districts in Korea, where students can check out the latest local fashions and Korean curios at wallet-friendly prices. Shinchon is a vibrant and energetic community with lots of options for students to experience the local culture. 

Often referred to as the "Land of the Morning Calm," Korea is located at a major crossroad of northeast Asia and is home to nearly 45 million people. Grounded in ancient Confucianism, yet one of the most digitally-connected countries in the world, Korea offers a dynamic cultural mix of long-standing tradition and modern innovation.

Korea's capital city, Seoul, is where this juxtaposition is felt most keenly. Dotted with towering skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls, the city is also home to serene Buddhist temples and beautifully crafted gardens. Seoul's fast-paced and bustling lifestyle combined with Koreans' enthusiastic interest in western culture provide a unique enviroment for students interested in studying there.


Housing and meals

Students will stay in on campus housing stay in the iHouse. Ewha's dormitories will provide you an opportunity to experience various cultures with students from diverse backgrounds. Each International House accommodates 770 students with common rooms, and facilities for academic, recreational, and cultural activities. 

As subsidiary facilities, there are computer labs, laundry rooms, reading rooms, seminar rooms, kitchenettes, a gym, lounges, and a co-op store. Wifi Internet access is available in all rooms. Several cafeterias are located across campus, and many restaurants are within close walking distance. No meal plans will be provided.

On-campus dorms

  • Students can take advantage of the university cafeterias, but there is no meal plan.


  • Classrooms equipped with smart technology
  • Computer labs and campus Wi-Fi
  • Student Union Gym and Sports facilities
  • Library Shops Cafes
  • Movie Theatre
  • Art Gallery
  • Administrative offices


Ewha Campus Map