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Derry, Northern Ireland

Living in Derry




About Derry

Ireland’s troubled history with Great Britain resulted in Ireland being divided, and even though relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic have improved greatly, the division still influences Ireland today.The program is based in Derry in Northern Ireland, but will take advantage of the proximity to Ireland to explore nearby Donegal County. The course will be based, and housing will be arranged, at the University of Ulster, Magee campus.

City Overview

  • During the plantations of Ulster, Derry was granted to the City of London and, in 1613, renamed Londonderry - a name that not too many people use today.
  • Derry’s intact walls date back to the seventeenth century—it’s called the “Maiden City” since its walls were never breached.
  • Site of the October 1968 civil rights march that was brutally suppressed, leading to thirty years of The Troubles.
  • Home to the recently opened Peace Bridge linking two formerly warring communities across the River Foyle that flows through the city.
  • Considered an undiscovered gem, the city stands today in the midst of a compelling transformation and is a hub for the arts and cultural events
  • The city offers access to a wealth of outdoor activities, especially with its close proximity to spectacular countryside, coastal routes and award-winning beaches.

Housing and meals

Students will be housed in residence halls at the University of Ulster, Magee campus, approximately a 40-minute walk, or short bus ride, from the Derry center. Meals can be taken in the university cafeteria, prepared in the kitchenettes in the residence halls, or taken at one of the restaurants around campus or in town.