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Prague, Czech Republic


Global Temple Conference

Site visits, excursions, activities and guest lectures 

The Global Good in Prague program will include a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular site visits, excursions, activities and guest lectures, which may include (and are subject to change): 

  • Guest lectures to complement the academic themes of the program, such as: a local writer from Alchemy and an expert on History of Prague's Architecture
  • A one-hour Essential Czech lesson during orientation
  • Guided tours, including:
    • Neighborhood tour
    • Gothic tour
    • Art Nouveau and Modernism tour
    • Jewish Quarter tour
    • Prague under Communism tour
    • Baroque tour
  • Organ recital in St. Francis Church
  • Overnight excursion to Vienna

All co-curricular activities led by IFSA rely on IFSA’s signature intercultural framework that cultivates self-awareness and transferable skills, as defined through the following learning objectives:   

  • Basic knowledge of contemporary issues facing the Czech Republic in historical context.   
  • Awareness of their cultural perspective and a critical understanding of how that perspective impacts their reaction to and interaction with others.  
  • Understanding of how to navigate cultural complexities in order to more productively and appropriately interact and communicate across cultural differences.  
  • Understanding that the cultural adaptation skills, including intercultural communication and cultural empathy, developed in their study abroad experience with IFSA, can be constructively utilized when engaging with difference of any kind in the future.