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About Prague

The Czech Republic is the European crossroads of culture and commerce, where business activities in Prague and other parts of the country reflect the full integration into the EU and global markets and its geographical position in the heart of Europe. Our program in Prague (known locally as Praha) offers a unique, academically enriching experience in the heart of Europe.

The Czech Republic has successfully transitioned from communist rule to a stable democratic government. After many years of European Union membership, the Czech Republic offers the opportunity to explore revitalization and restructuring in industrial areas such as the Ostrava region. You will be able to talk to experts and business representatives about the specifics of being part of the EU market and to small business owners about keeping it local. If you love music and art, you’ll be able to enjoy anything from opera in the Estate Theater (where Mozart premiered his “Don Giovanni”), walking into a jazz bar for a late-night jam session or finding a club for dancing. Prague’s contemporary art scene features interesting street art, along with galleries, museums and visiting exhibits from around the world.

The cost of public transport is small compared to its accessibility and reliability, so you’ll be able to explore other small towns, with baroque churches, medieval castles and chateaus just outside Prague. Prague is very well connected to other European cities like Vienna, Budapest, Cracow, Munich and Berlin — all just a train or bus ride away.  And an inexpensive, reliable and convenient public transportation network within the city, its surroundings, and across the country makes it easy to explore the country outside Prague (also known as the City of a Hundred Spires).

You’ll find that Czechs love the outdoors. You won’t need tour guides or expensive equipment to explore the country’s beautiful mountains and countryside through a well-maintained network of hiking, cycling and cross-country ski trails. You can pick up a trail from any train station in or near Prague, or simply use the inexpensive, reliable and efficient train system.

Program Host

The Global Good in Prague program will provide an immersive, global learning environment for students to study history, politics, and culture in the Czech Republic in collaboration with the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA). With decades of international higher education experience spanning the globe, IFSA operates five Global Flagships around the world, including Prague, and is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled support for this program. Led by Resident Director Jana Žalská, the program center in Prague is based at the Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) Institute. With additional support through an affiliation with privately run Prague College, students benefit from a future-focused educational approach that values innovation and connectedness within the local community and across Europe. 

IFSA will provide pre-departure support for the Global Good in Prague participants, and the IFSA Prague Flagship and its staff and faculty will host this summer program. Their on-site staff along with the program director will help students make the most out of their experience in this culturally rich country. The Prague Flagship  provides an environment that will enable you to learn about the Czech Republic – its language, history and culture. You'll discover the issues and concerns that are shaping the Czech Repuplic today and have facilities to support your studies. This program has been intentionally created to open up the world of the Czech Republic and its people to you, so you can learn both inside and outside the classroom.

Students will enjoy the IFSA Prague Flagship central location in Prague, and the access it provides to computer labs and comfortable study space. When students arrive, IFSA staff will be at Václav Havel Airport Prague during a designated window to greet them and transport them to their accommodations. Detailed instructions will be provided for students who choose to arrive independently outside of these published times. IFSA, in collaboration with the program director, will also provide a brief but mandatory orientation program upon students’ arrival.  Standard topics covered during orientation include a program overview, program policies, health, safety and security guidelines, public transportation quest, tips, local culture, practical language instruction and neighborhood tours. Students will receive a local transit card valid with unlimited trips within Prague for the duration of the program. Any group activities in Prague which fall outside the range of its transit system will typically be arranged with private bus, and IFSA staff will accompany the group on excursions outside of Prague and other key activities throughout the program.

Housing and meals

IFSA will arrange for students to stay in hostel or shared apartment accommodations in Prague typically within walking distance of the IFSA program office and classroom space, such as Czech Inn or similar. IFSA's priority is to provide a safe, clean, cost-effective and convenient place for students to live, while offering every opportunity to explore the local culture and community. Students will be in shared, single-sex bedrooms, with their own bed. Linens and wireless internet are included. There is no meal plan for this program; students purchase their meals or cook for themselves and student housing will provide availability of a fully equipped, shared kitchen and common facilities for students to prepare their own meals and socialize. Tentatively, welcome and farewell meals will be included, and IFSA will provide a catered lunch for the group picnic at the end of the Baroque tour, and a bakery treat during the Jewish Quarter tour. Some additional group meals may be provided during local planned activities and overnight excursions, and will be clearly indicated on the final itinerary. Students will be responsible for all meals not provided by the program.