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Belgrade, Serbia


Global Temple Conference

The program utlizes the city of Belgrade, the University of Belgrade and a number of program centers and institutions in and around Belgrade to provide students with background of Serbian hisory and culture throughout its 2300-year history of being destroyed and rebuilt countless times. The program will also include one field trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which, based on instructor's experience in both Serbia and BiH, this excursion will provide students with the opportunity to experience the significantly different culture and history of BiH, as well as visit with two programs providing services to youth. Wings of Hope serves children from disadvantaged backgrounds, while Riders of Hope is a provider of equine therapy for youth with intellectual disabilities. There will be ample time for students to experience the culture of Sarajevo, too. 

The program will utilize the city of Belgrade and the rotation of three unique placements through the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Belgrade as the primary sites for experiential learning, with additional fieldtrips, as described, to further student understanding of the academic content and the history and culture of Serbia and the surrounding region. 

Walking tours in Belgrade


Visits to sites of importance within/around Belgrade