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Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei
Picture Yourself In Taipei

Temple Summer in Taiwan: The Global Good Program

This version of Intellectual Heritage 0852 or Honors Intellectual Heritage 0952 will take you through a vivid historical landscape with Taipei, Taiwan as your classroom. Dotted with towering skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls, the city is also home to serene Buddhist temples and beautifully crafted gardens. The program is based at National Taiwan University, the oldest and largest university in Taiwan.
The Global Good's four-week undergraduate seminars offer students the opportunity to complete Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good, in one of Asia’s most ancient and most modern cultural hubs. These courses pair small seminars, in which students read and discuss works of enduring philosophical, literary, and social value, with frequent field trips to sites of ancient and modern cultural significance in and around Taipei. The program opens with an orientation session, and all courses are taught by Temple faculty from the US campus with expertise in culture, history, and literature as well as experience leading study abroad trips.
NTU was established in 1928, making it the oldest and largest university in Taiwan. With 11 colleges, 54 departments, 107 graduate institutes, and eight master's and PhD programs, NTU offers more than 7,800 courses each semester, placing it at the top in the nation in terms of both breadth of academic fields and volume of programs. Course subjects range from the science and engineering to business, humanities and the arts. The university's large garden campus is located in the center of Taipei, with easy access to public transportation. Facilities and activities are top-tier, including Taiwans largest library with over four million volumes and over 400 student clubs ranging from sports clubs, academically-focused organizations and several organizations for international students.

Program dates

  • Early July through late-July

Academic program

Students will enroll in the “Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good” course, which is offered as either IH 0852. Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (3 credits) or IH 0952. Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (3 credits)

Language of instruction

  • Except for a practical/survival session in Chinese, all instruction is in English.


National Taiwan University and the program director will organize a variety of co-cirricular cultural activities and field-trips throughout Taipei and other areas of Taiwan, as well as welcome and farewell ceremonies and luncheons.

NTU will also organize a variety of extra-curricular activities for local and international students, and students will have the opportunity to participate in a "buddies" program organized by NTU's Office of International Affairs to introduce international students to local students. The "buddies" are well-trained NTU students and their job is to help the international students adjust to NTU and life in Taipei. 


Douglas Greenfield is the Senior Associate Director of the Intellectual Heritage Program, will serve as Program Director for the Temple Summer in Taiwan: Global Good program. 

School location

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is a large urban area in the northern part of Taiwan. With a population of over 2 million, the city offers many of the cultural and other amenities of a major metropolitan area.


  • Classrooms equipped with smart technology
  • Computer labs and campus Wi-Fi
  • Student Union
  • Gym and Sports facilities
  • Library
  • Creative Arts Center
  • Art & Exhibition Galleries
  • Shops and Cafes
  • Administrative offices


Typically, single rooms in on-campus dorms
  • Students can take advantage of the university dining halls, but there is no meal plan.


Open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities. 

Applying to the program

Application Deadline: February 15

For more information, contact:

  • Program Director Douglas Greenfield, Senior Associate Director of the Intellectual Heritage Program, Temple University
  • Temple University Education Abroad; 215-204-0720; study.abroad@temple.edu