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By enrolling in this Global Good course, you will dig deeper into texts and experience the culture and context for some of the world’s greatest works of literature while accomplishing a GenEd requirement! Intellectual Heritage 0852/0952 in Taipei will take a unique selection of primary texts and examine them in depth, and at historical sites, to develop a more personal relationship with the works that have shaped our lives today. Embrace history in a city where the past, present, and future collide. This four week version of Intellectual Heritage II will take you through a vivid historical landscape with Taipei as your classroom. 

Through the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of challenging primary texts and their contexts, students are introduced to core humanities concepts. This theme-based course, the second of a two-course sequence, presents texts across cultures, histories and disciplines. Students investigate the nature of the individual in human society through the examination of psychological, social and political texts in dialogue with examples from art and literature.

Classes will be held in classrooms at NTU, and will typically meet four days a week (Monday through Thursday) for about two or more hours each morning, with many excursions held in the afternsoons, on Friday's or on some weekends. The schedule is tentative and subject to change and will not be finalized until students arrive in Taiwan; therefore, you cannot plan independent travel until the program begins and you have the final schedule. Students will have most afternoons, evenings, and weekends free once the schedule is finalized.

During the four-week session, students will enroll in one one course called “Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good” which is offered as either:

IH 0852. Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (3 credits) or

IH 0952. Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (3 credits)

Students may also participate in a practical/survival Chinese language session, customized for Temple students only as a tool to help you acclimate to Taipei.