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London, England and Glasgow, Scotland

Academic Program

Bring your studies to life this summer in London and Glasgow. London and Glasgow have always bulked unusually large in the life of Great Britain—in its politics, its economy, and its imagination. From the opening of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales at the Tabard Inn to the multi-cultural North London of Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, it is difficult to find an important British author or film director who does not turn to London, even if only to criticize it.  Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city and at one point revealingly called the Second City of the Empire, remains an engaging, bustling place, with great museums, theaters, lovely green spaces, and live music, as well as convenient place for traveling to Edinburgh and other stirring spots in Scotland For English majors and non-majors interest­ed in the arts, culture, and diversity, these two cities offer unparalleled places to study literature and culture, both for their rich history and their contemporary vibrance as one of the truly global cities of the world. They are particularly rich in theater, from the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow to the National Theatre and the Globe in London as well as smaller, cutting edge companies. The program is designed to make the best use of London and Glasgow, with classes meeting regularly on-site in each city. Students enroll in two of the four courses, which is typically for a total of six credits.

Academic program notes

Temple students who successfully complete (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in this program will satisfy the World Society (GG) requirement.