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London, England and Glasgow, Scotland

Program Description

This program will introduce you to two great cities--Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, and London--or deepen your acquaintance with them if you have had the good fortune of visiting them already. It will do so by way of two courses that you will choose out of the four on offer: Shakespeare in the Movies; Poetry: Writing; Children's Literature from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter; and UK Sketchbook. By blending more formal academic work with experiences with these two cities as well as taking fieldtrips to Edinburgh, the southwest of Scotland and Oxford, you will emerge from this six week program with a deeper knowledge of the pasts, presents, and possible futures of these two cities. 

London may be known to you through its reputation as one of the world's great cities. But experiencing it for yourself is another matter. You will be living in Arcadia University's Princess Elizabeth House--Arcadia is our partner in this program, having helped to arrange living and academic space in both places as well as other kinds of support. Prince Elizabeth House is in Highgate, one of London's most historic, safest, and most attractive neighborhoods, with wonderful views of London, green with parks and the expanses of Hampstead Heath, landmark churches, and Highgate Cemetery, where Karl Marx, George Eliot, and other luminaries are buried. Within 40 minutes on the Tube or a bus, you will be in the heart of London; that's also where Arcadia's academic space is. It's a few minutes' walk from the British Museum (perhaps the greatest museum in the world), some of the best cafes in the city, and very close to the theater district.

Glasgow is a wonderful, vibrant city, from its medieval cathedral to the People's Palace (dedicated to Glasgow's democratic, industrial traditions) to the green spaces of Pollok Park--and its people are some of the friendliest in the UK (even if their accent takes some getting used to). You'll be living in Blythswood House, which is administered by the renowned Glasgow School of Art.  Each room is a single, with shared kitchens and bathrooms. It’s in a great, centrally-located neighborhood, with great restaurants and live music venues just around the corner, a 10-mintue walk to George Square, the historic heart of Glasgow, and a short trip on public transport to the West End, home of the University of Glasgow and all its associated attractions, as well as Glasgow’s best park and museum, the Kelvingrove. Our academic space is at the University of Strathclyde, near the Cathedral and Merchant City, the trading center of the old city. Travel time from Blythswood House to Strathclyde is about 15 minute on foot of bus.

A welcome and farewell meal will be provided; your other meals are up to you. Both dorms have kitchen facilities and grocery stores close by. Glasgow and London are also blessed with many cheap restaurants, even in the midst of tony Highgate. As mentioned above, you will take 2 of 4 courses, which meet two times a week for 3 hours a session at various times Monday-Thursday.