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Xiamen University
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Xiamen University

Xiamen University

Established in 1921, Xiamen University is a large comprehensive institution located in southeast China. Boasting modern facilities and dormitories, Xiamen enrolls over 30,000 students in a wide array of academic disciplines. Exchange students enroll in a separate international college, and take courses with about 400 other international students. 

Program dates

  • Spring Semester: mid-February through late June
  • Academic Year: mid-September through late June


Exchange participants are required to take a full-time course load (at least 12 Temple credits) while abroad and will earn transfer credit.

Course Offerings

Temple students who study at Xiamen University attend their Chinese as a Foreign Language program, which focuses on intensive Chinese language training and Chinese culture.  
Students with advanced Chinese language proficiency (HSK5 or higher) may have additional course options.

Course Approvals

Exchange participants are required to take a full-time course load (at least 12 Temple credits) while abroad and will earn transfer credit. Prior to departure, students must complete the Course Approval process. Part of this process will require students to speak with the appropriate faculty members to evaluate courses and assign a corresponding Temple requirement. Courses that are taken abroad may have a direct Temple course equivalent, may fulfill an upper level elective or a lower level elective, general education requirement etc. Faculty will approve and assign corresponding Temple courses or requirement, but do not indicate the number of Temple credits that will be received for each course taken abroad. Students are advised to seek pre-approval for about twice as many courses as they can take, in the event that they need to change their schedules upon arrival. 

Upon arrival, if students find that they must make a last-minute course change and enroll in a course that has not been pre-approved, students should e-mail the details of any new courses to the appropriate departments for evaluation. However, due to the time it takes to have a course approved from overseas, in some cases final determination on course approval may not be made until students return. It is therefore always advised to include any and all courses that a student might take abroad on their External Program approval form.

Transfer of Credits

After Temple receives an official transcript from Xiamen, approved courses that have been passed with a grade equivalent to a C or better will be accepted by Temple and appear on students' transcripts as transfer credit. The number of credits received for each course will be evaluated at this time. Students' Temple GPAs will not be affected by grades earned on an exchange.

Grading Scale

Xiamen Grade  Temple Equivalent
90-100 A
85-89 A-
81-84 B+
78-80 B
75-77 B-
72-74 C+
68-71 C
64-67 C-
60-63 D
Below 60 F

Language of instruction

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

School location

The island city of Xiamen, in the province of Fujian, is a coastal city in southeastern China and is located about 450 miles northeast of Hong Kong. The city has a population of about 1.5 million, and the university is located at the southern end of the main island that comprises the city. Historically, Xiamen was one of the first ports that traded with Europeans in the 16th century, and was China’s main tea exporting city in the 19th century. It is still a major port today and is considered a gateway to China. Nicknamed the “Garden City”, it is also a popular tourist destination. The climate is humid and subtropical, with long, hot summers and mild winters.


  • Classrooms equipped with smart technology
  • Computer labs and campus Wi-Fi
  • Student Union
  • Gym and Sports facilities
  • Library
  • Administrative offices


Temple students apply for bedrooms on campus in XMU residences. The overseas student apartments on the Xiamen Main Campus, the Nanguang Building and the Cai Qingjie Building, are well-equipped with modern facilities, including telephones, air-conditioning, cable TV, Internet access points and separate bathrooms. 
Students may take meals in university cafeterias. The Overseas Student Service Center also provides additional services including dining rooms, coffee bars, and shops providing for daily necessities. 


Open to qualified students matriculated at Temple University.  

Applying to the program

Application Deadline: March 1 for the academic year and spring priority; September 1 for the spring semester