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Sarah Short

As assistant director for institutional relations at Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, Sarah works closely with other colleges and universities in the U.S. to send non-Temple students to study abroad at the Temple semester programs in Rome, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; and Oviedo, Spain; as well as at Temple’s summer programs worldwide. As part of this mission, she travels frequently and widely to meet with administrators, faculty, and students to promote and advise on Temple’s opportunities abroad. Sarah is committed to increasing non-Temple enrollment, as a more diverse group of students going abroad increases the level of enrichment both inside and outside of the classroom.

Previously, Sarah was the study abroad recruiting and marketing coordinator for Hollins University, where she performed similar institutional relations and marketing work for the university’s programs in Paris and London. Prior to that role, she was a learning abroad coordinator at the University of Utah. Sarah has been actively involved as a volunteer for the Fund for Education Abroad, the Lessons from Abroad regional conferences, and the Boston Area Study Abroad Association.

Sarah has her masters in French from Middlebury College. She lived abroad in Paris for several years, first for graduate school at the Middlebury College School in Paris, including coursework at the Sorbonne, and then for work. While there, she worked as an English teacher, translator, and private tutor, in addition to working as a program assistant for the Middlebury College School in Paris. Earlier, Sarah completed her undergraduate studies at Christopher Newport University, where she majored in French and minored in music and theatre. Additionally, she completed an undergraduate semester with Advanced Studies in England, which included French translation coursework at the University of Oxford.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling the world, singing, playing piano, learning new languages, cooking, and working out.

Why did you choose your career path?

“I chose a career in international education because I know first-hand how powerfully transformative study abroad can be. It is rare to meet a student for whom study abroad did not somehow impact the trajectory of their life—personally, academically, and professionally. Opening students up to the possibilities of an international education (and an international life) is what drives me to promote our programs as widely as possible. In today’s globally interconnected world, the value of immersing oneself in a different culture and gaining new perspectives, both about one’s host culture and one’s home culture, cannot be underestimated. Nothing is more fulfilling than hearing back from students I’ve sent abroad, who tell me how they’ve changed for the better thanks to the experience, and how they plan to continue to incorporate a global perspective into their futures.”

Reach Sarah by email: sarah.short@temple.edu

Read Sarah's Blog Here: https://templeuabroad.blog/category/staff-feature/sarah-short/

Position Title: 
Assistant Director, Institutional Relations
Main Campus