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An increasing number of students with disabilities are successfully participating in study abroad opportunities. A key factor in ensuring your success abroad is anticipating what needs you will have in relation to your disability, and discussing your individual circumstances in full with the disabilities resources office at your home university, as well as with Education Abroad, long before traveling. Aspects of the program you may need to consider include arrival, living accommodations, food, classes, transportation, etc. Planning ahead improves the chances of securing the accommodations you need.

Some questions to ask

You might also find it helpful to research the host culture's attitudes toward disabilities, both visible and invisible, in order to get a sense of how to prepare yourself for your time abroad. Some questions to consider:

  • How are people with my disability viewed in the host country? How will I field questions about my disability?
  • What kinds of accommodations will I need in terms of housing and transportation once in the host country?
  • How accessible will my dorms/campus/environs be?
  • What resources are availabile to me in the host country if I need assistance or support?
  • Will my disability prevent me from participating in excursions offered by my program?

If you would like to discuss your needs related to a disability, please contact your program manager in Education Abroad. We require that students who anticipate needing accommodations for a disability submit an official accommodation letter from their university by the deadline (see the Dates and Deadlines sheet posted to your Program Home Page).

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