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Study Abroad and Fly in 4

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Are you planning to Fly in 4? Did you know that you can fit study abroad in and still Fly in 4? The key to success is to PLAN EARLY for study abroad. Here are the basic steps to incorporate study abroad into your academic plan:

  1. Attend a Foundations of Study Abroad Session to learn all about your study abroad options. Visit Education Abroad in 200 Tuttleman to sign-up or register online (offered during the fall and spring semesters).  
  2. Consult with your Academic Advisor during your next academic planning meeting to identify any potential semester(s) when you can study abroad, and which types of courses you should take while abroad.    
  3. Learn about some of the study abroad options at special events like Study Abroad Week. Check out our calendar for information about this and other events. You can also explore program options on our website and speak with our Peer Advisors and Ambassors, and read about student experiences on our blogs.
  4. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor in Education Abroad to review programs and course offerings and to discuss your plan. 
  5. Once you’ve identified a program with a Study Abroad Advisor, secure final approval from your Academic Advisor and reconfirm the courses available on your program will fulfill your degree requirements. Plan to take at least 15 credits abroad if during the fall or spring semesters to stay on track. 
  6. Complete required forms with Education Abroad and apply to your program. 
  7. Get ready to fly!      
  8. Stay in touch with your Academic Advisor while abroad to discuss registration for future semesters.
  9. While overseas, be sure to register for the next semester during your designated priority registration period.     
  10. Upon your return, ensure all your Fly in 4 checkpoints have been satisfied.