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Study Abroad Process

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Study abroad process graphic: get started, apply, prepare to go, study abroad, return

Get started

Planning ahead is key to studying abroad and obtaining scholarships to do so. Attend Foundations of Study Abroad, identify your goals, explore your program options, research scholarship opportunites and gather information.


Once you have completed the steps outlined in the Steps to Study Abroad section, it's time to apply. Verify your courses, get or renew your passport, apply for scholarships, confirm your deadlines, and start your application.

Prepare to go

If you have already been accepted to a study abroad program, your next step is to prepare for your term overseas. In this section, you'll find resources to help you prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

Study abroad

Learn the language, explore the history, taste the local cuisine, get to know the locals, and share your experience with others.


The journey doesn't end when you return to campus. You're a member of the Owls Abroad Alumni Club!
There are so many ways you can continue to engage with the international community, participate in Education Abroad activities, and share your experiences with students who are beginning to think about embarking on this life-changing journey.