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Summer Semester Courses

Global Temple Conference

TUJ offers over 50 courses in a variety of disciplines during the summer semester. Courses offered at Temple Japan vary from year to year. Course lists and schedules are posted online on TUJ's course schedule website for each term as they become available. Pre-requisites and cross-listings are included with each course description. You may view course lists from previous summers on TUJ's website as well. Students register for courses through Education Abroad prior to departure for Tokyo.
For an overview of the available disciplines and recommended academic plan for study abroad students, visit our Academic Program page.
If you have any questions about the academic program at TUJ, or would like to request syllabi for courses, please contact us at study.abroad@temple.edu.
Student perspectives

“My TUJ classes have guaranteed I’m never deprived of knowledge about my host country. In East Asia & the United States, I’ve been learning about Japan’s past and current international relationships. Surprisingly, I’ve also found my Practical Japanese for Study Abroad Students to be at least just as much about Japanese culture as it is about language. Though this was not what I was expecting from a “practical” course, our studies on cultural elements (such as amae, Shintoism and Buddhism, wabi-sabi, and the Japanese school system) have been just as rewarding. I also think, revisiting what “practical” can mean, learning the culture of a host country can be just as important as learning language.” - Ariel Kovlakas (Read Ariel's blog)