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What is an External Program?

External Programs are study abroad programs administered or sponsored by other colleges and universities, or by various study abroad organizations. External Programs offer a number of new opportunities which expand upon many existing programs already offered through Temple. Through the course evaluation process, External Program participants earn transfer credit for approved courses and can apply those credits towards the fulfillment of their degree requirements, including major, minor, elective and most general education requirements. 


Please visit the COVID-19 Guidance For Students Studying Abroad on External or Exchange Programs page for general information applicable to students planning to study abroad Spring 2021 and beyond. The page will be regularly updated as guidance changes. 

Please note, if approval to study abroad is granted, students will be required to acknowledge the risks of participation by reviewing and signing the COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risks form which will be posted on your program home page.

Summer 2021 External Programs Approvals notice of temporary deadline change: Due to the extensive programmatic and location-specific assessment required for the High/Elevated Risk Committee to approve students to participate in external study abroad programs, Education Abroad has temporarily changed the Summer 2021 request for approval deadline to March 1st. This will allow enough time for conditionally approved students and external partners to provide the committee with the requested details, and for the committee to subsequently conduct location assessments in consultation with various domestic and international sources.

Spring 2021 petition process, communications and cancellations (September 25, 2020) 

Fall 2020 update (July 15, 2020): After a thorough review of current circumstances, we are unable to permit students to participate in fall 2020 approved exchange study abroad programs. Please see our program cancellation notice for more information on this decision.


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Featured semester programs can be searched by city, country, or area of study by using the Program Discovery tool below or found in this list view




In addition to our Featured Programs, our Approved External Partners offer a number of other study abroad semester and summer options for Temple students. If there is a program offered by one of Temple's Approved External Programs that is not currently on our Featured List, you may begin your Reuqest to Study Abroad by clinking the button below. 




Temple University strongly encourages students to consider these program options prior to exploring other possibilities as these programs have been selected based on their reputations for quality and academic rigor and on criteria established by the Faculty Senate Committee for International Programs. In addition to the approved list, students also have the ability to enroll directly at any accredited foreign university.  Temple students participating with External programs are required to complete Temple's External Programs Approval Process.