Internship in Internationl Business

  • Course Number: 3585
  • Subject: International Business Administration
  • Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Description:

    The course objective is to enable students to gain practical work experience on a project of relevance to their academic program, while providing the latest best practices and international business concepts on projects for employers. The course consists of an internship with a company involved in international business and the internship location is abroad. Students are encouraged to apply for currently developed internship programs including those with Temple University overseas programs or campuses, other global internship providers, as well as select a reputable organization of their interest. The student will produce a project paper and/or other assignments based on student's internship projects within the organization. NOTE: A minimum of a 2.5 GPA and approval by the professor is required.

  • Special Notes:

    In Rome, a 3.0 is required for all internship courses

  • Pre-requisites: