Student Experiences

What better way to know what it's really like to study abroad than to hear from other students who have been there? Check out the student perspectives offered below, and find out how to share your experiences once you return.

Peer Advisors and Ambassadors

Many returning study abroad students have continued to work with our office upon their return. You can find out where our advisors and ambassadors have studied and what they gained from their experiences in this section. Current peer advisors and ambassadors are available to answer your questions about studying abroad.

Student Storytellers

Throughout the year, we have students blogging about their study abroad experience from countries around the world. You might learn what it's like to experience the phases of culture shock or live with host family, or find tips for future study abroad students about how to pack or where the local hot spots are. From parking in Rome, to navigating the subway at rush hour in Japan, to meeting street cows in India, there is so much to explore in this section.

Share your experience

Once you have had the experience of a lifetime, you might want to share that experience with others! There are many opportunities for returned students to contribute. You can apply to become a peer ambassador or advisor, participate in Global Temple, engage in the local international community, and more.