Financial Aid

Temple Students

Besides the many scholarships available for study abroad, any federal and state financial aid Temple students receive can be applied towards study abroad. In most cases, institutional aid (scholarships or grants) can be used towards your program as well. Make sure to complete your FAFSA early in the calendar year. If you are eligible, SFS will notify you of your financial aid package and post your aid to your account in the same way as usual. It is not necessary to include your study abroad program on your FAFSA.

Take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Semester Programs (Temple, Exchange, External): Federal and State financial aid, as well as most scholarships, can be applied to your bill.
  2. Summer Programs (Temple, External): If you are awarded federal or state aid, it may be used towards your program. Other types of aid, such as grants and scholarships, if available, can be used towards your program as well. 
  3. Always consult with Student Financial Services to confirm if your scholarships and grants can be applied to study abroad.
  4. If you receive an Honors scholarship or stipend, ask Education Abroad about the rules that apply to using these funds for study abroad.

Expand the links below to learn more about applying your financial aid to study abroad.

Temple Semester and Exchange Programs

Applying for and receiving financial aid for a Temple study abroad program abroad works almost the same as it would if you were studying at any of Temple’s campuses. One difference is that Education Abroad supplies budgets to Student Financial Services (SFS) for all study abroad programs, and if you are accepted into a Temple study abroad program, we always recommend that you take a copy of your acceptance letter to SFS. The staff at SFS can then re-evaluate your aid package based on the budget for the study abroad program you will be attending. Your aid package may be adjusted to reflect any possible increased cost difference.

You can also apply other financial assistance available through regular University channels to your study abroad program costs, such as Veterans' benefits and tuition remission.

Temple Summer Programs

Federal and State financial aid, as well as most scholarships, can be applied to your bill. You can only take out a loan if you are enrolled in at least 6 credits.

If you are interested in applying for summer financial aid, Education Abroad will supply Student Financial Services (SFS) with a list of students accepted to summer study abroad programs. SFS will review eligibility and notify students if they are eligible to receive any summer aid.  To discuss eligibility for aid, you should consult with Student Financial Services.

External Programs

If you are studying on an external program, you will need to complete the External Programs Approval Process, including the Course Approvals Process, and submit a Consortium Agreement to transfer your aid. Once you complete the External Programs Approval Process, begin your Course Approvals Process and download the Consortium Agreement form from your Temple study abroad account. Complete your portion of the form. Then forward the Consortium Agreement to your program provider and ask them to send it back to Student Financial Services (SFS). You will have access to your aid once all courses are approved and your signed consortium agreement is complete.


Remember that your financial aid will be applied towards your bill (for Temple programs) or transferred to your external program when the Temple semester begins. That means you can use financial aid towards any program costs; if the amount of financial aid you receive is greater than your bill, you will receive a refund.

Non-Temple Students

If you are a non-Temple student, there are several steps you should take in regards to finances if you are applying to a Temple program:

  • Consult with your study abroad or financial aid advisors at your home school to find out which sources of aid are available to you and what the processes are for using aid to attend a Temple program. Federal awards and a number of state awards are usually transferable to Temple and other schools.
  • Many schools use a contractual agreement called a consortium agreement to process your aid when you’re attending another institution such as Temple. If your home school uses consortium agreements, you or an advisor from your home school should send the consortium agreement to us along with your application or shortly after you apply. Temple will complete the agreement and send it back to your financial aid office. 
  • Once your financial aid is disbursed, it may be sent directly to Temple or it may be sent to you. Check in with your study abroad or financial aid advisors at your home school to find out exactly how financial aid transfer would work for you.
  • If you’re planning to finance all or part of your study abroad through financial aid funds, make sure to follow all of your school’s procedures for transferring financial aid before you leave for your program.