Courses Abroad

At the bottom of this page you will find shortcuts that link to a list of courses offered on each of the current Temple programs abroad, except those offered at Temple University, Japan Campus.

Courses offered at Temple University, Japan Campus 

TUJ offers over 140 courses in a variety of disciplines during the fall and spring semester and over 50 during the 10-week summer semester. Courses offered at Temple Japan vary from year to year. For a list of courses offered in recent semesters, view TUJ's course schedule. A final course list and schedule is made available to participating students following program acceptance; students register for courses prior to departure for Tokyo. Pre-requisites and cross-listings are included with each course description.

Courses offered on Exchange or Approved External Programs abroad 

For a list of courses offered through your exchange programs you should visit the Academic Program section of your exchange partner university page on our website. From that page, you will find important information about academics for your exchange program, including subjects available to exchange students, instructions for accessing course lists on partner university websites, and information about Temple's course approval and transfer credit processes. Many exchange universities do not update their course schedules for upcoming semesters until much closer to departure so you can review past course schedules for the same term of the year prior to determine what classes may be available during your semester abroad.

For a list of courses offered by any of our approved external programs, please visit the website of your approved external partner and then navigate to your program's page on their site to see course information for your term abroad.

Temple Program Courses