Talking to your Academic Advisor

Talking to your academic advisor is an essential part of the study abroad process, so you can make sure you’ll stay on track with your graduation requirements when you’re abroad. In addition, you’ll need to indicate which academic advisor you spoke to about studying abroad on your application.


Tips for talking to your academic advisor

It’s helpful to be clear about your needs and interests when meeting with your academic advisor so you get the most out of the discussion. During your meeting with your advisor, you can:

  • Make a general academic plan by discussing all the courses that you need to take from now until the time you graduate.
  • Ask if there are any requirements that should or should not be taken abroad. For example, are there certain classes that are only offered on Main Campus? Are there some requirements, such as language or cultural studies courses, that make sense to take abroad if you can? Do you have electives you can wait to take so you'll have the flexibility to take them abroad.
  • Identify the kinds of courses you’ll look for as you’re researching programs: major or minor courses, electives, or GenEd requirements. Note that it can be challenging to find specific major/minor course equivalents abroad, especially through external and exchange programs, so it is best to be flexible here.
  • Discuss any policies you should be aware of that studying abroad might affect. For example, if you already have a number of transfer credits and are considering an external program, are there policies about transfer credits that you should be aware of?  
  • Determine the best possible time(s) for you to study abroad.
  • Plan not only for your semester abroad but for the following semester as well, in case you need to complete your priority registration for the next semester while you’re abroad.
  • Ask for your advisor's contact information in case you need to ask questions, discuss future registration, or meet fly-in-4 checkpoint requirements while you're abroad.

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