Internships Abroad

Completing an internship abroad is an excellent way to gain international work experience and set yourself apart on the job market while fulfilling degree requirements. You'll have the opportunity to enhance your career readiness, build global connections in your field of interest, and refine skills that employers value, such as communication, leadership, and teamwork within a global context. 

Opportunities Abroad

There are plenty of ways to gain internship experience abroad. Temple offers for-credit internships through our programs in Rome and Tokyo, including placement assistance and a faculty advisor, and a summer faculty-led program Serbia offers supervised hands-on internship experiences in social service programs for youth with disabilities. For Temple programs, you will apply for internships through your program application. 

If you are a Temple student, you may also seek internships through Temple school/college programs, Temple-approved external programs, or independently. If you would like to complete an internship through an Approved External Study Abroad Program, complete the External Programs Approval Process, which includes seeking Temple course approvals from the appropriate evaluator in all of the departments from which you wish to take courses abroad, including internship courses. 


Planning to Apply

Some things to consider as you plan to apply for your internship: 

  • What are your career goals?  
  • How much experience do you have?  
  • How do your goals and experience align with the internship positions you are applying for? 

Before applying for an internship abroad, visit your career center to discuss updating your resume and which internship opportunities align best with your goals. 

Please note: If you are participating in any university-affiliated or funded travel (including for-credit internships abroad), you must comply with the University's International Travel Policy. For more information, view our health and safety policies.