Jaime Durán

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Jaime Durán

  • Global Engagement

    • Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses

      • Program Director


        • Temple in Spain

Dr. Jaime Duran is a native of Oviedo and studied as an undergraduate at the University of Oviedo. He obtained his PhD in Spanish from Temple University, where he currently teaches. Dr. Durán developed Temple’s Spain summer program as well as the spring semester program. He has directed and taught in the summer program since 2003 years and the spring semester program since 2008.


“First, I thank you for your interest in our Spain programs. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, you have come to the right place. Temple University’s study abroad in Spain semester and summer programs are based in the city of Oviedo (my hometown), an ideal location for immersing yourself in Spain’s language and culture. Studying abroad in Oviedo will provide you access to a transformative personal and academic experience, which is likely to mark a before and after in your life. Most importantly, it will grant you access to a most powerful tool these days: perspective, something that gives us reference as to where we stand and who we are, by becoming aware of where and how other peoples in the world choose to live their lives and articulate their existence. I assure you, in addition to your language skills, this perspective will prove to be one of your greatest assets both personally and professionally. Please explore our spring semester and summer programs, and I look forward to being a resource for you as you experience all that Spain and Oviedo have to offer!”


Jaime Durán