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Studying abroad can present different challenges to different groups of students, and we strive to provide resources that help students get the most out of their experience, with individual differences in mind.  Our staff is SafeZone trained and works with the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL), and the Office of Disability Resources & Services to accommodate students with a variety of needs. Please see the following sections for more detailed information, and if you have a specific concern, make sure to contact us to set up an individual appointment with one of our program managers.

As a Diversity Network Member Institution, Temple University's Education Abroad office is committed to increasing access, diversity and equity in international education and to enhancing the experience of study abroad students. As a Diversity Network Member Institution, students, staff and faculty have access to a variety of member resources to assist members in meeting the challenge of inclusive excellence in global education. Diversity Abroad offers a unique online pre-departure learning module that is designed to prepare students for one of the most important, challenging, and rewarding aspects of the education abroad experience, self-discovery. This interactive program focuses on the inward journey and walks students through an exploration of how they see themselves and helps them to identify the strengths that come from all aspects of their identity. Participants have an opportunity to examine how their identity may impact their education abroad experience both from a cultural and safety perspective. The module walks students through how the following areas of identity may impact the education abroad experience.

Socio-economic class

The resources and topics included in this pre-departure learning online module allow students to delve deeper into aspects of their identity and prepare a plan for the challenges and opportunities that they will face in their chosen host environment. Each section includes discussion areas examining personal identity, identity abroad (e.g., exploring how one's identity might be perceived abroad), and planning ahead (resources for further study and people to speak with about these topics).

The online learning module provides an engaging and interactive space that offers guided readings, videos, student testimonials, questions to consider, and next steps. Program participants will automatically be enrolled in the online learning module prior to departure, but we welcome prospective students to contact our office if they wish to be enrolled in the online learning module at any time. 

Race and ethnicity abroad

No two students studying abroad ever have quite the same experience, even in the same program and country. This same variety is true for students of color and those from U.S. minority ethnic or racial backgrounds. 

Sexuality and gender expression abroad

Cultures vary in terms of how sexual and gender identities are defined and understood. You will find that attitudes and tolerance toward gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans issues vary from country to country, and possibly even within each country, as they do here in the U.S. Some countries are more welcoming and legally protective than the U.S., while others are less accepting and more restrictive.

Students with disabilities

An increasing number of students with disabilities are successfully participating in study abroad opportunities. A key factor in ensuring your success abroad is anticipating what needs you will have in relation to your disability, and discussing your individual circumstances in full with the disabilities resources office at your home university, as well as with Education Abroad, long before traveling.