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Foundations of Study Abroad Registration

Global Temple Conference

Join us for this required first step for students who wish to learn the basics of study abroad: when, where, and how, including how you can fly in 4. Be sure to attend one of these sessions in addition to other specific sessions related to your interests.

We are currently offering Foundations in two formats: online and in-person. Online sessions will be held through Zoom, and in-person sessions will be held in 200 Tuttleman Learning Center at a reduced capacity of 15 students. In-person sessions may shift to virtual at any time if the situation surrounding COVID-19 were to escalate. 

Use the following schedule to determine the location of each session. 

Virtual In-person
1/18 2/01
1/19 2/03
1/20 2/04
1/21 2/07
1/24 2/09
1/25 2/14
1/26 2/18
1/27 2/21
1/28 2/24
2/10 3/14
2/11 2/18
2/15 3/22
2/25 3/30

Click on a calendar date below, and then select your preferred time. If no sessions are available, the date will be in gray. More details, including Zoom information for virtual sessions, will be sent to you via email shortly before the date of the information session.

If you are using a screen reader, please visit our scheduling website directly.