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New courses offered at Temple Rome in 2015-2016

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Mon, March 16, 2015

Temple Rome has added several new courses, beginning in Fall 2015, in printmaking, fresco painting, book making, cuisine, and immigration. Special topics will be offered this fall only in Italian cinema and literature and Roman cuisine, and in Spring 2016 only in Greek and Roman Classics (the latter to be confirmed).

Click on the course title below to review course descriptions, or view a complete listing of courses available during the semester at Temple Rome.

Course Number Course Name
Architecture 3030 Special Topics in Design: Food Environments
Art 2331 Intaglio Printmaking: Non-Toxic Intaglio Techniques
Art 3303 Advanced Printmaking: Non-Toxic Intaglio Techniques
Environmental Studies 3000 Special Topics in Environmental Studies: Sustainability & Sustainable Development from Roman Origins to our Times
Graphic Art and Design 2703 Book Structures
Political Science 2000 Special Topics: Immigration Special Topics: Immigration, Race and Identity in Contemporary Italy
Painting, Drawing, Sculpture 2051 Painting Materials & Techniques (Fresco Painting)


Special offerings in Fall 2015 only, taught by Cristina Gragnani, Department of French, German, Italian, and Slavic Languages (FGIS):

Italian 3240 Topics in Italian Cinema and Literature: Rome Underground: The “Eternal City” as a Multi-ethnic Crossroad
Italian 2000* Roman Cuisine and the Food of Lazio: A Literary Journey
*course number may be changed


Special offerings in Spring 2016 only in Greek and Roman Classics, taught by Karen Hersch Klaiber, Department of Greek and Roman Classics (to be confirmed)