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New Temple Rome website brings Rome student experience to life

Global Temple Conference

Thu, April 9, 2015
Spring 2015 photo by Julia Spittal

For nearly fifty years, Temple Rome has provided students with a rewarding study abroad experience. What began as an art program has grown into a curriculum that provides opportunities for a broad range of majors, including new courses in business, psychology, Italian, art, and starting next spring and summer, science Gen Ed courses. A range of volunteer opportunities, a growing internship program, and an art gallery that has become well known in the contemporary Roman art scene, all combine to offer students a truly immersive study abroad experience. 

The new Temple Rome website is designed to bring this rich and varied Temple Rome experience to life with photography and videos that capture current activities on campus, within the local Roman community and throughout Italy. Complementary to the recently redesigned Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses website, the Rome website hosts a calendar of upcoming public events in Rome, updates on current faculty activity, and a photo gallery of recent activities, from art gallery openings to meet and greets with Italians, from a lesson on making tiramisu to a visiting lecture by the mayor of Rome, and from course excursions in Pompeii to on-site classes at the Italian Senate. 

The new Rome site serves as a resource for current study abroad students and members of the local community in Rome, as well as program alumni, who are encouraged to stay in touch through the new site. 

Students interested in studying abroad at Temple Rome can use the site to gain a deeper understanding of what it will be like to study abroad at Temple Rome, while the Education Abroad website will continue to serve as the primary resource for information about program options, course offerings, costs and financial aid, policies, advising, resources and the application process.

Visit the Temple Rome site for information about upcoming public events, photo galleries of recent events, updates on current faculty activity, and to share your Temple Rome alumni news.