Temple Merit Scholarship Educational Enhancement Stipend

Use your stipend to Study Abroad in Summer, Fall or Spring

If you receive a Temple Merit Scholarship Educational Enhancement Stipend, you have the option to use one stipend per academic year (academic years run fall through summer) towards an approved study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28 days during either a summer or semester.

What is the Merit Scholarship Education Enhancement Stipend?

Temple's Merit Scholarship Educational Enhancement Stipend is used to fund a research project, internship or study away/study abroad (up to $4,000). Please check your Temple admissions letter to determine if you receive a stipend and ensure that you are still eligible. Please note, you may also apply your Temple University Academic Scholarships to semester study abroad programs.


Apply to use your stipend for study abroad

If you are a recipient of this stipend and you wish to apply it toward study abroad:

Apply to a study abroad program

First, choose the ideal study abroad program by following the steps to study abroad. Once you are ready to apply, be sure to do so by the appropriate study abroad program application deadline.
Your stipend application will require a support from Education Abroad. You must apply to your Temple study abroad program or submit your online Request to Study Abroad on an External program before you submit your stipend application.

Submit your stipend application

Follow these steps to complete and submit your stipend application:

  1. Log in to the Merit Scholar Stipend System.
  2. Complete the appropriate application by the deadline indicated.

For questions about the stipend application process, or to apply your stipend toward a research project or internship, contact your Honors advisor or your school/college contact. A list of contacts is available on the official merit stipend web page.


Submit your stipend application online by the following deadlines*:
March 9th for summer study
May 15th for fall study
November 1st for spring study
*Eligible students are encouraged to verify deadlines are accurate by visiting the Merit Stipend website
Please note that these deadlines differ from the study abroad program deadlines. Be sure to apply to your study abroad program or complete your online Request to Study Abroad on an External program before submitting your stipend application to our office.