Temple Summer in Prague

The Global Good Program

The Global Good's four-week undergraduate seminars offer students the opportunity to complete Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good, in one of Europe's oldest capitals and cultural hubs. These courses pair small seminars, in which students read and discuss works of enduring philosophical, literary, and social value, with frequent field trips to sites of ancient and modern cultural significance in and around Prague. The program opens with an orientation session, and all courses are taught by Temple faculty from the U.S. campus with expertise in European culture, history, and literature.

Program Overview

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Academic Program

Instruction on this program is conducted on-site and in the classroom. 

Language of Instruction

  • English

Course Load

  • One, 3-credit course

Course Offerings

  • Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good or
  • Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good

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The program is based in Prague, Czech Republic. You'll enjoy the central location of our on-site partner, IFSA's Prague Center, which is within walking distance of many important sites in Prague. Moreover, when you need to undertake research, you'll appreciate the Center's close proximity to various educational institutions within Prague.

Explore Prague!

The Czech Republic is the European crossroads of culture and commerce, where business activities in Prague and other parts of the country reflect the full integration into the EU and global markets and its geographical position in the heart of Europe. Our program in Prague (known locally as Praha) offers a unique, academically enriching experience in the heart of Europe. If you love music and art, you’ll be able to enjoy anything from opera in the Estate Theater (where Mozart premiered his “Don Giovanni”), walking into a jazz bar for a late-night jam session or finding a club for dancing. Prague’s contemporary art scene features interesting street art, along with galleries, museums and visiting exhibits from around the world. The cost of public transport is small compared to its accessibility and reliability, so you’ll be able to explore other small towns, with baroque churches, medieval castles and chateaus just outside Prague. 

You’ll find that Czechs love the outdoors. You won’t need tour guides or expensive equipment to explore the country’s beautiful mountains and countryside through a well-maintained network of hiking, cycling and cross-country ski trails. You can pick up a trail from any train station in or near Prague, or simply use the inexpensive, reliable and efficient train system.

Program Dates

Four weeks: mid-June through mid-July

Tentative Program Dates

Departure from the U.S.June 12
Arrival in PragueJune 13
OrientationJune 13-14
Classes beginJune 17
Classes endJuly 10
Last night in housingJuly 11
Program endsJuly 11

Do not use the above dates to book your flight, as they are tentative and subject to change. Accepted students will receive confirmed program dates and flight booking guidelines from Education Abroad before making travel plans.  

Program participants are required to be present for the entire length of the program, from the official arrival date through the program end date.


Housing type: Hostel or shared apartment, arranged by IFSA.

IFSA, our on-site partner, will arrange for students to stay in hostel or shared apartment accommodations in Prague typically within walking distance of the IFSA program office and classroom space. You will be in shared bedrooms. Linens and wireless internet are included. There is no meal plan for this program; students purchase their meals or cook for themselves and student housing will provide availability of a fully equipped, shared kitchen and common facilities for students to prepare their own meals and socialize. 

Activities & Excursions

The Global Good in Prague program will include a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular site visits, excursions, activities and guest lectures, which may include (and are subject to change): 

  • Guest lectures to complement the academic themes of the program, such as: a local writer from Alchemy and an expert on History of Prague's Architecture
  • A one-hour Essential Czech lesson during orientation
  • Guided tours, including:
    • Neighborhood tour
    • Gothic tour
    • Art Nouveau and Modernism tour
    • Jewish Quarter tour
    • Prague under Communism tour
    • Baroque tour
  • Organ recital in St. Francis Church
  • Overnight excursion to Vienna
Faculty & On-site Support

Temple Faculty Program Director

A Temple faculty member serves as the program director overseeing the academic program and will serve as your point of contact for academic matters.

View program faculty.

On-site Support Staff

In addition to your program director, you will have 24/7 support from our on-site partner, IFSA. IFSA's program center in Prague is based at the Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) Institute in a central location.

Program Costs


Temple students pay their usual per-credit rate by school/college and residency.

Non-Temple students pay the non-matriculated student rate based on residency. For the 2023-24 academic year, PA residents are charged $749 per credit and non-PA residents are charged $1,349 per credit. *Non-Temple students: your program costs may vary depending on your home institution's billing model. Please check with your study abroad office about your school's billing policies.

All students pay:

  • University Services Fee
  • Prague Program Fee, estimated at $3195, which includes housing in shared accommodations, orientation, airport transfers, transportation card, some field trips and some group meals.

For complete details about billable costs and estimate for non-billable expenses, such as airfare, meals, and personal expenses, view the program cost sheet.

View detailed program costs.


Education Abroad offers competitive, need-based scholarships for this program. Learn more about scholarships and financial aid.

Health & Safety

Staying healthy and safe abroad requires good planning and strong support. Review our health and safety page for important steps to preparing for study abroad, and details about international travel medical insurance and assistance provided by Temple.  


Eligibility Requirements

Temple programs are open to qualified students matriculated at any U.S. or Canadian college or university.

You are eligible to apply if you meet the following requirements.

Are enrolled fulltime and will have completed 2 semesters before studying abroad
  • You are enrolled as a full-time matriculated student at the time of application as well as during the semester prior to studying abroad.
  • You will have completed at least two (2) semesters of college-level study by the program start.
Are in good academic standing and meet minimum GPA requirement for the program

You meet minimum cumulative GPA requirement, on a 4.0 scale from all colleges/universities attended. The requirement varies by program:

  • Temple Semester Programs: 2.75 (Internships: 3.0)
  • Temple Summer Programs: 2.5
  • Exchange Programs: 2.75
  • External Programs: 2.5

You remain in good academic standing from the time of application until the start of your term abroad; students on academic warning are not eligible to participate.

Have a valid passport

You will need a passport, valid well beyond the length of your program, by the application deadline.

View deadlines and validity requirements for your host country.


Are in good disciplinary standing

You are in good disciplinary standing at the time of application and remain so through the start of your term abroad. Students who have been found responsible for a code of conduct violation and will not be in good disciplinary standing (including disciplinary probation) may submit a petition for review.

Meet the minimum age requirement

You are at least 18 years old at the time of application.

For Temple in Prague - The Global Good Program, there are no additional requirements.

Application Requirements

The standard application requirements pertain to all students applying to Temple programs.

    For Temple in Prague - The Global Good Program, there are no additional application requirements.

    Admissions Timeline

    • Admissions is rolling (early applications encouraged).
    • Once you submit your application, you should expect a decision within two (2) weeks.

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